Wednesday, December 12, 2007

final step 10

I like all the graphics on the SPL web page. How about adding a location of BKM pick-up along with main library and express delivery for choices when placing reserves from the catalog?????pbc


all set with my 2 library podcasts and one non-library podcast. Learned how to cut and paste.pbc


I was impressed by how easy it was to create a my space site. pbc

spl 10 things step3

I found this helpful. So many people I know I M but I had never done it and wasn't quite sure what was involved or how to do it.pbc


I think radical trust is a wonderful ideal. I think wikis can be too unreliable and vandelized to easily to be a primary tool or source for me @ SPL. pbc

Step 9

I think it's easier to use than word. I like document creation best. pbc

step 7

Quite frustrating. Lots of potential here at SPL. pbc